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The Social Commerce Platform

iHolda is a community-oriented social commerce app that lets users create short-form videos and share. The app also allows users to meet each other physically to boost their community points and enables sellers to sell their goods directly to customers via live stream.

Our platform aims to create a space where buyers and sellers can connect, interact, and transact in a seamless and fun way. We believe in the power of community and are committed to building a platform that fosters authentic connections and transactions. Join us today and be part of the iHolda community!

Quick Facts

Active Users

weeks in Operation

week-Over-week Growth

We're based in London, United Kingdom

Our platform is growing rapidly, with thousands of active users already signed up and enjoying the platform. We are headquartered in London, the heart of innovation and technology.

Join Our Community

Join our community of buyers and sellers today and experience the future of social commerce. Whether you're a buyer looking for unique goods or a seller looking to grow your business, iHolda has something for you.

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